Summer Holidays

Hello, I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far. Today it’s all about the 3 months of summer holiday, yep that’s right 3 months off from school, you didn’t miss read. I really do enjoy my summer holidays as you can image, however it does get rather boring after a while, you see living in a tourist area there not much to do. Everyone is doing the same type of  business, bars restaurants etc, there’s not much more. However there is the Water Park and bout trips which I really  love.

In the 4 and half years of being here, I’ve seen there are more and more Turkish people than English (tourist).

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write a new blog, and when I did it’s so short.

front beach

The Beach Fron

bout trip

Bout Trip

Bye for now 🙂



Stress And School (Cons)

Hello, so last time I talked about the pros of school here, in Turkey. Now here are the cons, I have always found it very easy to complain…maybe it because I’m a girl I’m not sure… 🙂      

                                   Being put back to years.

As I said last time I was put back two years, so I was with kids 2 years younger than me. I didn’t enjoy that at all.    

                                  Teachers are allowed to hit.

Not much to write on this. I was not really hit, but me and a friend (a boy) were fighting, then the teacher screamed at us and bashed are heads together.

That’s all I’m going to write on this blog for to day but I have a good one coming tomorrow or Saturday.                                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                   Bye For Now 😀 






Hard Work And School (Pros)

Hello,today I’m going tell you about Turkish schools. First of let me tell you some thing, the schools here aren’t great, but there is a few good thing about it. When I stared school here I was put back to 2 years, so I stared in year 4 not year 6 like I was in the U.K. They did this so I could learn Turkish, but that did really work… I when to Turkish lessons for the first year then stopped because I wasn’t learning anything. The second year, I’m not going to lie I rebelled I didn’t bother with the learning anything,I used to skip school, but one day school called my Mum and told her I was going be kept in the year I was in, year 5. My Mum asked why, then the cat was out of the bag that I had been skiving (as my mum used and still does call it). The third year I tried my best and I learnt more Turkish, made friends and now we are here the fourth year I have done my best.


                    There are great at making you learn you have to work hard if you want something out of life.

Here the teachers will help you if you need it like all others however the way they do it is very different, for example me and learning, the staff were not in ”my face” so to speak but they let me work out and realized, I had to learn there no other way.

If you don’t come to school, you don’t go up a year.

I think this one is my favorite of all, it helps you to learn the first one I wrote There are great at making you learn you have to work hard if you want something out of life.”  

me and a friend in school uniform

Me and a friend in school uniform.

Just want to say THANK YOU all some much for the lovely comments! xx

                         BYEE 🙂


In The Beginning

Hello my name is Shelly, I’m 15 and I live on the Aegean Coast. I’m not your typical girl (compared to most girls in the U.K  and the USA). I don’t really care about boys or make-up, but please don’t get me wrong I like to look nice but in a natural way.

I’m writing this blog because the famous blogger and published author Kym Ciftci gave me the idea of doing it and maybe I will find a love for writing because I am not sure what I want to do when I am older.

I was 11 years old when my Mum told me we were moving to Turkey, to be honest I can’t really remember how I felt about it. I have had a very wierd childhood, there have been a lot of ups and downs and there still are, but with every up and down I get that little bit stronger and ready for the big world in front of me. I speak 2 languages, English and Turkish, however my Turkish is not 100%. But even with the tears, the screams and the auguring overall I am glad I’m here. I have met so many great people (and a lot of stupid ones) and I have had experiences that I know I wouldn’t have had in England. I know I have missed out on things aswell but no one can have every thing.

If you want to know more about the last 4 and a half years of my life and the pros and cons of life as an ex-pat kid in Turkey please follow me….

So that is all of my  blog ”In The Beginning”, I hope you have enjoyed the it. 


Me and me and the famous blogger and published author Kym Ciftci

Me and me and the famous blogger and published author Kym Ciftci

Here is link to Kym Ciftci if you would like to check here out.